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Beaver Floorcare are an experienced provider to flooring manufacturers, architects, specifiers, blue chips, facility managers, cleaning, fit-out, national retail, government buildings, leisure industry, stadia, healthcare, airports, warehouses and many more. Engaged as an integrated supplier and out sourced by many to provide clients with floorcare specialist services that work. We cover commercial, industrial and high end residential works on a national basis. 

Using a wide variety of systems for all types of floor coverings and situations, our results are results driven and delivered on quality alone. The knowledge we have on cleaning systems and chemicals enables us to deliver a high quality floor cleaning service time and time again. Beaver Floorcare are pioneers within floor refurbishment, floor cleaning, periodic floor maintenance and devising solutions to enhance the performance of existing floor coverings.

Our longest running service is carpet cleaning, we have offered this service for over 25 years and therefore we have cleaned infinite square metres, we are regularly used by one very large carpet manufacturer to provide carpet cleaning advice as well as regular planned maintenance for their clients. We have many different carpet cleaning systems at our disposal, sometimes we will use a combination of systems to ensure we always get the best possible results. Beaver Floorcare are also the largest independent distributor and user of HOST Dry Cleaning products within the UK and have been for over 20 years, within this time we know the products inside out and what the capabilities and plus points of Dry carpet Cleaning are.



We have been restoring and maintaining resilient floors as long as we have been cleaning carpeted floors. We are service partners for several manufacturers of well known hard floors, covering luxury vinyl tiles, woven vinyl, sheet vinyl, rubber tiles, linoleum and pvc. Our knowledge of protective treatments is vast, meaning we can offer various cost alternatives from regular cleaning and maintenance, strip and sealing using polishes or dressings, through to permanent PU sealants that will disguise scratches and protect the floor for years. 

Wood floor sanding is a key area of our business, our operatives that work on the beautiful and natural surface of wood have a keen eye for detail. We offer everything from full refurbishment, sanding timber back to bare wood and re-finish it, to a screen and seal lightly abrading the top surface and applying another coat of lacquer or oil. On sports halls we can line mark court markings before applying a non-slip sports floor lacquer.

Stone flooring can be a challenging material to maintain and knowledge and experience is required. Beaver Floorcare have been restoring and maintaining stone flooring for over 15 years, we carry the machinery to fully diamond grind the stone back to its original state using metal bond diamonds then finish the stone to a honed or polished finish. Alternatively if the natural stone has already been diamond ground to remove lippage between the tiles we can re-polish using resin based diamonds to finish the tiles. We also polish concrete floors leaving a smooth, shiney surface that is very hard wearing and maintenance friendly. We also stock a huge range of sealants to protect the stone once it has been restored.


Anti slip flooring and slip prevention is one of our specialities, because we have extensive knowledge of floor coverings we are able to determine what works on various floor surfaces to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. This can involve a stone or tiled floor showing signs of slip or where people have already slipped on and are making a claim against the business or property owner. We initially test the floor using the recognised HSE Pendulum Tester to accurately measure the slip resistance of the floor. Once we have found the PTV or pendulum test value we then test various anti slip products to find the most effective solution to make the floor safe from slips and trips. We can deploy this procedure on any floor type that displays slip symptoms, anything from leisure centre wet rooms to shopping centres.

Regular maintenance or periodic maintenance is essential and we can provide this service on all floor surfaces. Floor maintenance can be a yearly one off clean all the way through to a weekly visit dependant on installation and client needs. Regular periodic maintenance is often overlooked however; it is a vitally important aspect to prevent higher costs of refurbishment or premature replacement in the future. We believe in offering a cost effective, bespoke service to each client or building that we service.

We have worked on most types of floor installation from high-end residential, multi outlet retail to very large commercial installations; all receive the same professional treatment from highly trained staff. If you would like more information on our services or would like a site inspection please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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